Pebble SDK

We think the ability to create and use apps is one of Pebble’s most exciting features, and we want to make the app experience on Pebble as seamless as possible. So, drawing on our experience with our previous generation inPulse smartwatch, we’re designing Pebble from the ground up with third party apps in mind. inPulse’s SDK has been popular despite a serious limitation: only one app could be installed and used at a time. Not so with Pebble. Pebble will have an application switcher built in, as well as a real-time operating system so that core functionality such as notifications and the music player remote control can remain available even while an app is in use. To support the demands of multiple (and more advanced) applications, Pebble’s ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller will have 8 times more Flash memory and 12 times more RAM than inPulse.